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   There are great singers and there are great entertainers: WANDA is both and her shows are energy packed. On one tour in France she was billed as "HURRICANE WANDA" and she did not disappoint them. The JAPANESE PEOPLE took a super liking in 1959 to one of WANDA'S Rockiní songs, "FUJIYAMA MAMA" and made it their #1 song for six months. WANDA toured Japan that year for seven weeks.
   WANDA tours Europe and Scandinavia several times each year Headlining big ROCK & ROLL Festivals. One year in BUDAPEST, HUNGARY for their freedom celebration, WANDA sang to over 70,000 fans. She went to Europe six times in 2004. WANDA has recorded with other singers in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany. She has recorded in the German, Dutch, and Japanese languages. Her German recording of "SANTO DOMINGO" became a #1 song in six different German speaking countries, and is still known by all the people today.
   WANDA has been nominated for the GRAMMY AWARD twice as the best performing female singer. She has been inducted into THE OKLAHOMA COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME, THE ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME, THE INTERNATIONAL HALL OF FAME, THE INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL MUSIC HALL OF FAME THE OKLAHOMA MUSIC HALL OF FAME and most recently the GERMAN COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME. She has been awarded THE OKLAHOMA NATIVE DAUGHTER AWARD. Wanda was on the final ballot for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004 and will give it another run in 2005.
   WANDA recorded for Decca Records for two years (1954&'55), and for Capitol Records 18 years,(1956-1973). She now records for legendary bluegrass label CMH Records. WANDA has recorded somewhere between 50 to 60 Albums, 8 Tracks, Cassettes, and CD's around the world.
   BEAR FAMILY RECORDS of Germany released her first Box Set "RIGHT OR WRONG" BCD 15629 DI. It contains four CDís that is WANDA'S first ten years of recordings - 1954 through 1963. BEAR FAMILY released her #2 Box Set in November 1997 "TEARS WILL BE THE CHASER FOR YOUR WINE", and it contains 8 CDís; the second ten years of her recordings (1964 through 1973). WANDA has had two new CDís released in Europe in 1996 and 1997. And in 2000, "QUEEN OF ROCKABILLY" on England's ACE Records.
   WANDA AND WENDELL GOODMAN (her Husband and Manager) became Christians in 1971 and for several years in America only appeared in Churches and Church Sponsored Events. In 1996 WANDA recorded two songs on ROSIE FLORES new C.D. "ROCK A BILLY FILLY". WANDA had always been ROSIE'S Hero, and she asked WANDA to do a couple of promo dates with her on the west coast to promote her new C.D. The tour was so well received that it ended up being a five week tour that covered from California To New York and from Toronto to San Antonio. WANDA was amazed at all the new Rock-A-Billy fans that knew her and her songs. She enjoyed the tour so much that she started working all the Rock-A-Billy spots again with her band. All the fans are excited and honored to see a true ROCK-A-BILLY LEGEND in person. WANDA is having a ball and singing just as good as ever!
   In real life, WANDA is a devoted Christian and lives happily with her husband/manager, Wendell Goodman, in Oklahoma City. A talented and versatile star of television, stage and records - a dynamic entertainer - that's the best description of "WANDA JACKSON."
   There is plenty more about Wanda at her official web site located at http://wandajackson.com. Make sure you visit her site.

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