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      MHSA members have all their songs posted at Songwriters Jukebox.
You must be a member to have songs on The Jukebox.

      MHSA started out as Inside Nashville Songwriters Association an organization established in 1996 by a group of songwriters who observed a great need for an association dedicated to the developing and promoting of  songs and songwriters. In 2001 Inside Nashville Songwriters Association got together with their sister company, Inside Memphis Songwriters Association, and decided to combine the two associations. Hence MHSA (Music Highway Songwriters Association) was formed.
      We discovered that most songwriter associations were organizations that did very little to help their members get their songs cut by recording artist. If they can not help their members get cuts, why do they even exist. We are innovators that have spent our lives creating works of art, so we decided to form an association that is a work of art. Yes, MHSA, actually will assist you in getting your songs to recording artist. As a matter of fact, our primary purpose is to get our members songs heard by as many singers, publishers and producers of music as we possibly can.
      Songwriters have been the real "starvin' artist" of the 20th century. This planet we live on is full of songwriters with smashed dreams that are living from pillar to post with hit songs still in their pockets. Great songs are being listened to by only themselves and their songwriting friends at times when they have enough dollars to get their guitars out of pawn. The reason these songwriters are in this position is that no one that could help would help (they were not some big record producers brother in law). We want to see our members start making an income from the songs they have written as soon as possible. We know that their hearts are in it. Anyone who's heart isn't in it does not need to be a member of MHSA. Ask any wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend of a songwriter pursuing a career in music, and they will tell you how much each writer's songs mean to them. We know this to be true; because we are writers, also. It is our desire to turn some of the starvin' artist of the 20th century into award winning songwriters of the 21st century.
      In order to offset some of the cost of operating such an organization there is a Lifetime membership fee of ONLY $300.00. You get a lot more than membership for your hard earned dollars, however.

Here is what you get that will help you the most.

      Two of your songs will be placed on MHSA's web site for the whole world to view and to hear. (The same 2 songs will, also, be placed on "Songwriters Jukebox", the first Internet Jukebox for songwriters.) A page will be created just for your songs. The lyrics and the music will be there for all to see and hear. We have made arrangements with many of the insiders in the music industry (singers, producers, publishers, record promoters, record labels, etc...) for them to view our site on a regular basis. Two songs are included in the cost of membership in MHSA. Additional songs can be posted on your site for $75.00 per additional song. For every six songs a member places on his or her site the member gets another posted FREE. We will be glad to let each writer handle their own negotiations, or if the writer prefers we will handle the negotiations. If we handle the negotiations for a particular song, a contract must be agreed upon by all parties. These contracts will be on a per song basis, and MHSA will only be paid if the song results in a cut. If you have a web site, We will link to it from your site at MHSA if you desire.

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